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A spectacular 60 km trek that will lead you to the enigmatic last refuge of the Incas. Choquequirao (3.103m) is a huge archaeological complex still under cleaning and restoration process located in the surroundings of the Salkantay sacred mountain (6.271m) and the Apurimac river canyon. You will enjoy amazing mountain scenery as well as lots of Andean flora and fauna.

Itinerary Day 1: Cusco  Chiquisca

We will leave Cusco at around 7.00 am in our own private bus, and drive towards Cachora. After driving for two and a half hours, we will stop in Tarawasi, where we will visit archaeological remains of an Inca Usno, a place were ceremonies and celebrations to mother earth were conducted. We leave Tarawasi and continue along the road, across the Apurimac River and up again through Curawasi and to Saywite, our second stop an hour and a half later. Here we will visit the famous Inca rock that was believed to be the construction plan for the Tahuantinsuyo Empire, with carvings of animals representing the main deities. (Saywite forms part of the so called route of Wiracocha). From Saywite, we will continue on to Cachora only 30 minutes away and at 2800 masl. Here we will have our box lunch. In the afternoon we will climb for two and a half hours towards the Abra Capuliyoc at 2750 masl, where we will enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the Apurimac river canyon. Finally, we will then descend two more hours towards our campsite in Chiquisca.

Itinerary Day 2: Chiquisca  Choquequirao

We leave Chiquisca as early as 6.00am to go down to the Rosalina Beach, which will take one hour. We will cross the Apurimac river and start climbing towards Santa Rosa, zigzagging up a steep slope. This climb will take an approximated 2h, and it is important that we leave early so that the heat does not make it more difficult than it has to be. During a half an hour break, those who wish may try Cambray, a local sugar cane extract. Afterwards, we will climb slowly for two and a half hours until we reach our lunch spot in Marampata. From here we will walk two more hours to reach the Choquequirao archaeological complex, at about 3:30 in the afternoon. We will set up camp and enjoy some free time to explore the terraces and buildings. When the sun starts to set, you might want to sit and contemplate the canyon, where condors are sometimes spotted.

Itinerary Day 3: Choquequirao  Rosalina Beach

During the morning, we will enjoy a complete guided tour of the Choquequirao complex. We will visit the high parts (Hanan), and the lower parts (Urin), and some areas that are still covered in wild foliage and ready to be restored into the way it was when the Incas owned it. After the tour we will start our walk back towards Santa Rosa, where we will have lunch. Then we will continue on to Rosalina Beach at 1450 masl. After the 2h descent, we might have time to take a refreshing dip in the waters of the Apurimac River. We will camp and dine here.

Itinerary Day 4: Rosalina Beach Cachora

We will leave as early as 6.00am to start the two to three hour climb to Chiquisca to then make our way back to the Abra Capuliyoc. After lunch, we will continue on our two hour return route to Cachora, where there will be a private bus waiting to take us back to Cusco. Estimated arrival time around 9.00pm.

* Departure and arrival times are approximated.
** Campsites are subject to change according to our guides criteria and the evolution of the group.

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